Spelling Rules for Ing Verbs

Some verbs change spelling when „ing“ is added to them. To write a verb that ends in -ING, you need to know the correct spelling. There are two ways to spell a verb that ends with a consonant + vowel + L. Visit the Spelling Rules page for spelling rules on other topics For many verbs, we make the ING form by simply adding -ING to the end of the verb. . If the 2nd syllable is stressed, double the consonant and add ING If a verb has two or more syllables and the last syllable is NOT underlined, we do NOT duplicate the last letter before adding ING. When a verb ends with a syllable on consonant + vowel + consonant, we double the last consonant (make two) and add ING. Since the first syllable is stressed (O-pin) and not the last syllable (we do not say o-PEN), we do not double the last N. So let`s add ING at the end and it will be OPEN now. * Note that in American English there is a double L in Controlling.

Indeed, the last syllable of the verb control is underlined (con-TROL). When a word ends with the consonant + E, we remove the E from the end and add ING. In British English, double the last L. In American English, do NOT double the last L unless it is underlined. If a word ends with a W, X or Y, we do NOT duplicate the latter letter before adding ING. Note that there is a vowel before each letter. You can see that we only have double consonants in the stressed syllables. The first syllable of the verb travel is stressed (TRA-vel) The last syllable of the verb control is underlined (con-TROL) EXCEPTION: The abduction of the verb is an exception to this rule.

The first syllable has the accent (KID nap) that we do for this word we do twice as much as the last P. . Here are some other examples. Listen to how the last syllable of each verb is NOT underlined. Usually, the first syllable is underlined. So let`s add an extra N before ING and it will be START now. Since the last syllable is stressed (be-GIN) and not the first syllable (we do not say BE-gin), we double the last N. .


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