Is Xfinity Internet a Contract

If you want to cancel, postpone, transfer or suspend the Xfinity service, you will find all the details you need here. The truth is that Xfinity is very vague about cancellation and early cancellation (ETF) fees, and you`ll have to call Xfinity to find out what yours will be. Xfinity offers both contractual and non-contractual packages, so not all customers are subject to ETFs. Xfinity is pushing its self-installation kit for internet service, and at the time of writing, it won`t cost you any dollars for your self-installation kit as long as you use standard shipping. I have been a customer again and again for several years. Most recently, I had been at Comcast for 15 months. During this time, I had no problems with the cable/internet service and the customer service/support was relatively excellent. However, last week was the most frustrating experience I`ve ever had with a large company. On the 22nd. In May, I asked to leave the service because I moved. The representative I was dealing with was helpful and convinced me to stay with Comcast after first asking to cancel my service. At the end of the phone call, he confirmed to me that my appointment for the relocation of my department was for next Saturday (May 27) and that a technician would be in my new residence between 1pm and 4pm.

The 27th arrived and 1 p.m. finally approached. I was still in the process of moving, but I made it a point to be in the new residence at 1pm to let the technician in to do his job. 4:30 pm.m approaching and I have not received a call or update of my appointment. I contacted Comcast and was hung up twice (the person couldn`t call back) before finally talking to someone. She told me I would have to wait 15 minutes before arriving for a call from a technician. She asked me when it was, where I was, and I told her it was 4:40 in the morning, 40 minutes after the suggested time they would be here. She then changed her story (after checking her grades) and told me that I had set my date for the 30th (not the 27th) between 10am and 12pm. After explaining to her that there was no way to make an appointment so far away on a day when no one would be home, she went on to tell me that everything in the system was actually correct information and professionally suggested that I was lying. She referred me to customer service because there was „nothing she could do.“ The next representative seemed really caring, but she explained that she would have a supervisor who would contact me as soon as possible to help me with the question. She asked for the best contact and said I would receive a call shortly.

Two hours later still no call. I decide to call back (again) and ask the representative if I can speak to a supervisor immediately. The representative told me that a supervisor was not available and that I would have to wait for a call later in the day. At that time, it was 6:30 pm and I explained to him in detail my experience that day with customer service and customer support. After sharing my frustration, I honestly felt like he didn`t care and he kept telling me I couldn`t talk to a supervisor because he wasn`t available. As a „valued“ client, I think I deserve my right to talk to a supervisor after having lived the day I have experienced. I just asked to talk to someone who could give me a better explanation of my situation. I understand that the call volume was „extremely high,“ but when a „valuable customer“ isn`t happy with your business, it`s common for you to do everything in your power to satisfy the customer. The gentleman then told me that he had checked his notes and it shows that a supervisor called me a few hours ago about a number in my file, but the number was out of order. I asked the Lord to read me this number, and He repeated the number on my mobile phone, from where I called Him.

Finally, after 30 minutes of supplication to talk to a supervisor, a call came to the other line and it was THE SUPERVISOR. She was of no help and explained to me that the department I really needed was closed. She told me that I would have to wait until Monday (department closed on Sundays) to talk to someone to help me with my business. No excuses, no help, no direction, no nothing. Overall, it was one of the worst customer service experiences I`ve ever had to deal with. I was uncomfortable wasting 4 hours of my day waiting for a technician who never came, another 2 hours dealing with a representative who told me I was a liar and with a supervisor who had a terrible attitude and showed no compassion for me. The whole situation still makes no sense. You cut my cable at my previous residence the day before the scheduled installation date, but I am told that I set the date 5 days after that deadline instead? Now, on a holiday weekend where my family flies into town, I don`t have cable service at home for 4 days. An easy way to do this is to enter your zip code in our tool below.

We gather all of Xfinity`s internet plans (and competitors` plans) so you can see what kind of price you`d look at before you sign up. First, Comcast Xfinity`s prices and internet plans change depending on the location. A lot. We recommend the cost-effective Connect More package for Xfinity Internet. This plan offers speeds of up to 100 Mbps for $39.99 per month for 12 months with a one-year contract. Considero que esta compañia es una estafa, se promocionan muchisimo y su servicio es completamente pesimo. You pay for high-speed internet and you can do the test how fast it works and everything is a lie, you call customer service and they just know how to tell you that they feel it because of the inconvenience and they solve the problem for a few days, and in my case the modem is his, because once I rented one and it was the same thing, also pay the monthly fee for a service q that you do not receive as you have in the contract, they tell you that the modem is yours, q is problems of the manufacturer. You will be a hard and disrespectful face….. If your address is reachable for Xfinity, you may have additional internet options in your area. Here`s a look at how Xfinity compares to other major providers. You can also choose a specific provider with whom you want to compare Xfinity in our comparison chart.

The American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) rated Xfinity Internet 66/100 in 2020, a significant increase from last year`s 61/100 and at the top of the pack. Xfinity also achieved good results with J.D. Power and was named the leading internet provider for customer satisfaction in the North Central region in 2019. Xfinity charges $20.00 per month* for its 25 Mbps internet plan and goes up to $299.95 per month† for 2,000 Mbps. This is a wide range of prices and speeds to meet almost any budget and need. Xfinity offers the fastest home internet speeds available nationwide in the United States. Did you know that Xfinity offers the fastest internet plan for private households in the United States? Most people don`t need download speeds of 2,000 Mbps, but you can still get another fairly fast Xfinity plan at a good price. Yes. Comcast owns Xfinity and launched the brand in 2010. Comcast offers Internet, TV, home security and telephony services under the Xfinity brand. Xfinity flex is a streaming box from Xfinity that competes with Roku, Amazon Firestick and Apple TV. Xfinity Flex is free for Xfinity internet customers, has a voice remote control and 4k streaming quality.

For more information, check out our Xfinity Flex Review. Xfinity self-installation saves you $89 and can be done at any time. To install Xfinity Internet yourself, follow the Xfinity Self-Installation Guide step by step. Enough. „Comcast“ and „Xfinity“ are often used interchangeably, but Xfinity is specific to cable TV/Internet/comcast voice services. The Xfinity internet service is good. In fact, Xfinity is a great option if you can get it. Xfinity is the fastest Internet service provider with national coverage in the United States and its Internet service is very reliable.

Yes. There are several ways to get high-speed internet and cable TV with Xfinity. We recommend the Preferred XF Double Play, which gives you over 220 channels (including ESPN and STARZ EVEN® plus 150Mbps Internet). If you have Comcast in a KOA campsite, you might as well turn on an AM radio for all the actions you get when you try to connect to the Internet, it`s almost an insult to customers who give them a Wi-Fi code? Read a long book like War and Peace while waiting to sign up and check your emails. Why KOA offers this service in the first place is a mystery. It`s like saying here`s your internet connection. if you want to wait 15 minutes while Google starts. When you pay for these kinds of things, you throw away money.

Time, and probably damage your PC circuits await this operating system. You Tube? Videos? they are on another planet, not here. First, since Comcast Xfinity offers multiple services, you may be able to get an extra $30 per month from your internet bill for two years if you have an active and eligible Xfinity Mobile line. Comcast Xfinity is the largest cable INTERNET service provider in the country, but does that automatically make it the best? I was impressed with the variety of internet speed plans on offer, but my eyes started to freeze as I delved into the details. Comcast Xfinity is terrible, you can`t watch videos on the internet most of the time without interruption and I have their best internet service. Their customer service is terrible. Your TV service is good most of the time, but for the price, you forget about it. I`ve been at Xfinity for over 2 years and I`ve had enough.

I go back to Universe, costs a little more, but I had the service for 3 years and never had any problems, I left when they increased their prices. .

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