Artist Distribution Agreement

Tours are the number of musicians in the music industry who earn income. Setting up a tour can be very complicated and this agreement will help you. This agreement can be worked out with an agency and/or for different locations and serves as a design/start to get a personalized tour off the ground. This agreement also addresses the question of who is entitled to what shares of the songs and revenues. This is a very delicate and emotional subject, which is why the group should take care of it at the beginning of the relationship before making money. There are many events where groups with multiple members do not work. Often this is because there is no clear expectation as to the type of partnership available. This package includes joint ventures and a partnership agreement with the band as well as other useful contracts! Overview below: In any case, Smart Money says it`s not the kind of distribution agreement you`re looking for information about today. An agreement under which an artist assigns the recording and publishing rights to a label in exchange for an advance, royalties and a commitment from the label to fund and publish the recordings and to obtain a dubbing and/or performance license for the compositions. The tasks of the artist include the realization of all agreements, commitments, performances and promotional activities carried out by the manager to the best of his abilities and in a punctual and sober manner. The manager`s commission is defined as 20% on gross profit with the exception of touring and merchandising activities, for which the commission is calculated on net profit.

The AIFM shall also be able to recover agreed expenditure incurred in the performance of its duties as a manager. Includes document creation assistance as well as US, UK and Australian versions! An agreement under which a songwriter assigns the copyright in certain songs (listed in the contract) to a publisher for a limited period of time, for which the publisher arranges in exchange for the exploitation of the songs (although the agreement does not necessarily require it to exploit) collects the proceeds of that license and records an agreed share of that income to the author. This contract is 8 pages long. This article is here to give you an overview of the three types of distribution companies you can come across to make sure you`re doing things right the first time. The most important part of this clause is the right to terminate the contract in the event of an unsecured breach or insolvency. 17. Compensation. Customer agrees to indemnify, defend and hold Distributor harmless from and against any and all damages, claims, liabilities, costs, losses or other expenses (including, but not limited to, attorneys` fees) (collectively, the „Claims“) arising out of any breach or alleged breach of any of the warranties, representations, representations, representations or agreements entered into by Customer in this Agreement. a. including, but not limited to, claims made by a PRO or music publisher in connection with public performances or public communications of musical works incorporated in the Content, including claims by syndicates, guilds, musicians or background singers, engineers, etc. or a party for the use or misuse of other forms of intellectual property or proprietary rights in the Content, including, but not limited to, trademark rights and interference with the right to privacy or publicity. The Customer expressly agrees to be liable to the Distributor for any payment made by the Distributor at any time with respect to claims to which the above indemnification applies.

Until any claim, demand or action is resolved, Distributor may, at Distributor`s sole discretion, withhold payment of any amount otherwise payable to Customer under this Agreement in an amount not exceeding Customer`s potential liability to Distributor under this Section. (f) „Direct Digital Download Distribution Service“ means the online services operated by Distributor for the sale, distribution, marketing, streaming, licensing or other means of digital transmission of the Content and other media. The Company obtains a license to use the artist`s name, likeness, voice and biographical data in connection with the Company`s production and the artist promises that the music delivered to the Company does not infringe the copyright of third parties. Useful for companies that want to order both recordings and compositions from an artist for use in television, cinema, etc. Instrumentals are cool, but do you know what`s cool? With cool and catchy vocals on this instrumental. This chord will help you bring a hook or a catchy voice into your original production without having to go into the studio. Increase your consumption and make sure that the owner of this shot is paid fairly. Distributors act as wholesalers who bring inventory from record companies to stores and supermarkets. The scope of distributors` services is as diverse as the number of record labels.

For some customers, they will simply move the physical inventory and charge their retail customers for their purchases. Others press and market the records for the record company and do just about anything except sign the artist and bring him to the studio. This is a flexible contract for a label that wants to get a license for certain recordings but doesn`t want to bind an artist as a recording/performance artist exclusively for several years or for a number of releases. It can be used as a test agreement before moving to an exclusive recording arrangement method. (f) applicable law; Disputes. This Agreement shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas applicable to agreements entered into in Texas and to be performed entirely in Texas, without regard to its principles of conflict of laws. In the event of a dispute relating to this Agreement, the parties shall first attempt to negotiate a solution in good faith. If these negotiations fail, the parties will attempt to resolve the dispute through mediation with a mediator agreed to by the parties. If such mediation fails, any claim or cause of action will be brought in accordance with the jurisdiction provision set forth herein. What`s interesting is that, unlike physical distribution, digital distribution is essentially available to anyone who wants the service. .

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